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Date of publication: 2076-02-03

Invitation for Bids

1.The Arambha Group of Hospitality Butwal-15,Nayagaun,Rupandehi invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for the construction of followings mentioned works in Rupandehi district under National Competitive Bidding – Single Stage – Two Envelope Bidding procedures system.

S.N Contract No.: Description of Work Minimum Average Annual Turn over (excluding VAT) Construction experience  of similar size and nature (Steel Frame Structure) within last 5 years (excluding VAT) Bid Security


Cost of bid document (NRs)
1 2075-76/01 Construction of Steel Structure Building

at Butwal-15, Rupandehi

NRs. 46.4 million NRs. 24.8 million 7,30,000/- 5000/-



  1. Bidding will be conducted through NCB procedures in accordance with Single Stage-Two Envelope Bidding procedure. Under the Single-Stage, Two Envelope Procedure, bidders are required to submit simultaneously two sealed envelopes, (i) One sealed envelope containing the technical bid and labeled “Technical Proposal” and (ii) The other sealed envelope containing Price Bid only and labeled as “Price Bid”. Both in turn enclosed in one sealed envelope as per the provision included in ITB 21 of bid document. The “Letter of Technical Bid” submitted with Technical Bid and the “Letter of Price Bid” submitted with Price Bid in separately sealed envelopes, must be signed by authorized signatory, failure to which may be ground for declaring the bid nonresponsive.
  2. A complete set of Bidding Document may be purchased from Arambha Group of Hospitality,Nayagaaun,Butwal-15 by interested bidders on submission of a written application, on or before Office hours of 2076/02/18 along with copy of company / firm registration / Vat registration / Tax clearance certificate for the FY 074/075.
  3. Sealed Bids must be submitted to the Employer’s office on or before 12:00 NOON on 2076-02-18. All bids must be accompanied by Bid Security as specified in notice above on Account No. 17010100000178, Office Name –Arambha Group of Hospitality at Global IME Bank Pvt. Ltd. Butwal Branch or from recognized “A” class bank. Total period of bank guarantee shall be 120 days after the last date of Bid submission.

5. Pre-bid meeting shall be held at Employer’s office at 13:00 hours on 2076-02-10

  1. The Technical Bids will be opened in the presence of Bidders’ representatives who choose to attend at Employer’s office immediately after the submission deadline at 13:00 hours on 2076-02-18.
  2. After the completion of evaluation of Technical Bid, substantially responsive evaluated bidders will be invited to attend the opening of Price Bids. The date, time and location of opening of Price Bid shall be notified in writing and/or published in national daily.

8. For further information inquiry for following address.

     The Managing Director, Arambha Group of Hospitality, Butwal-15, Nayagaun

Address:  Butwal-15,Nayagaun                                                                      Telephone: :  071-620508

     Email Address : info@arambharesort.com                                                           9857078508