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                               ALA CARTE MENU


Etnic appetizer

MAHI TIKKA                                                                                     350

(Fish tikka, mustard oil, yoghurt, mint sauce)

TANDOORI CHICKEN TIKKA                                                             370

(Chicken tikka, onion, mint sauce)


MUTTON SEKUWA                                                                          450

TANGRI KABAB                                                                                390

CHICKEN SHEIKH KABAB                                                                350

SAMOSA PLATTER                                                                           100

(Potato & peas wrap, tamarind sauce, mint sauce, coriander)

STUFF MUSHROOM TANDOORI TIKKA                                         325

PANEER TIKKA                                                                                 350

(Paneer tikka, onion, mint sauce)

ASSORTED VEG PAKODA                                                                150

(Assorted vegetables, gram flour, onion, mint sauce)



                                                        All above rates are subjected to

                                                        13% vat and 10 % service charge




FISH CURRY                                                                                      370

(Fresh water fish, mustard seeds, curry leaves,

onion, tomato, coconut)


BUTTER CHICKEN                                                                             340

(Boneless chicken Tikka, creamy tomato gravy,

butter, cream)


ROGANJOSH KASHMIRI                                                                  435

(Mutton, Kashmiri chilly, ginger powder, cardamom,

yoghurt, coriander leaves)


KADAI CHICKEN                                                                               325

(Chicken with bone, capsicum, onion,

tomato, Indian spices)


PANEER OF YOUR CHOICE                                                              380

(Butter masala, Matar, Kadhai)

JEERA ALOO                                                                                     150

(Potato, cumin, Indian spices)

KADHAI VEGETABLES                                                                      200

(Mix vegetable, capsicum, onion, tomato, Indian spices)

DAL MAKHANI                                                                                 250

(Black lentils, prepared overnight to a rich creamy


GHAR KO DAL                                                                                  200

(Yellow lentils, onion, tomato, garlic, red chilli,

fresh coriander)

All Served with (stem rice, Jeera rice, Tandoori roti/Nann,

Tawa roti)

                 All above rates are subjected to

                   13% vat and 10 % service charge






MURG BIRYANI                                                                               320

(Tender chicken, basmati rice chicken broth, saffron,

mace, cardamom)


HYDRABADI GOSHT BIRYANI                                                         520

(Mutton, basmati rice, saffron, mace, cardamom, mint)


VEGETABLE BIRYANI                                                                       210

(Seasonal vegetables, saffron, yoghurt, mace, nutmeg, mint)



                                              THALI SET


CHICKEN                                                                                           380

MUTTON                                                                                            450

VEG                                                                                                   300



                                     All above rates are subjected to

                                    13% vat and 10 % service charge















POTATO WEDGES                                                                             150

(Served with wild pepper dust)


MASALA PEANUTS                                                                            130

Served with side salad)


CHICKEN CHILLY                                                                                280


PANEER PAKODA                                                                               220

(Served with fresh mint sauce)


VEG TEMPURA                                                                                  130

(Served with dark soya sauce and mayonnaise)


BBQ CHICKEN WINGS                                                                       250

(Served with bbq sauce)


GRILLED VEG KEBAB                                                                          220

(Served with yogurt sauce)


FISH FINGER                                                                                      290

Served with tangy sauce


MASALA PAPAD                                                                               100

(Served with mango pickle)


SPICY FRIED CORN                                                                            250

(Assorted corn dusted with herbal spices and flour)


SEASONABLE GREEN SALAD VILLAGE STYLE                                   150




                                                All above rates are subjected to

                                                          13% vat and 10 % service charge






FRESH GARDEN PICKED FRUIT PLATTER                                         220

(Served with chocolate sauce)


ARAMBHA PLATTER-                                                                         300

(Mixture of grilled chicken chyola,

Peanuts sandeko, paneer pokoda)


MOMO (V/C), POTATO WEDGES                                                     320

(Served with three diff sauce,,hot garlic/ mint

Peanut butter)


                                                                        All above rates are subjected to

                                                                       13% vat and 10 % service charge






TIGER FRIED PRAWN                                                                     400

(Served with cocktail sauce)


TORTILLA WRAPS CHEESE/CHICKEN/MIX VEG                           350/380/275

(Served with tangy sauce and fries)


CHICKEN MOMO (STEAM, FRIED, KOTHEY)                                170/190/200

(Served with momo chutney)


VEG MOMO (STEAM, FRIED, KOTHEY)                                        140/150/160

(Served with momo chutney)



GRILLED PANNER KEBAB/ VEG KABAB                                         380/320

(Served with peanut butter sauce and hot garlic sauce)


STUFFED MUSHROOM                                                                  250

(Served with side cheese slice / bites)


FISH SATAY                                                                                      300

(Served with hollandaise sauce)




                                                                     All above rates are subjected to

                                                                       13% vat and 10 % service charge











CARIBBEAN JERK CHICKEN BURGER                                              300

(Jerk spiced chicken patties, lettuce, green chilli,

Onion, Tomato, cheese, French fries, egg, bacon)


DOUBLE CHEESE & VEGETABLE BURGER                                      275

(Vegetables, potatoes, onion, basil, lettuce,

Tomato, cheese, French fries)


THE ARAMBHA CLUB SANDWICH                                                 320

(Chicken breast, lettuce tomato, fried egg,

Brown/ white bread)


KATHI ROLL VEG/ CHICKEN                                                            250/300

(Whole wheat Indian bread filled with

Shredded chicken/ cottage cheese, mint sauce)


CHEESE CHILLI TOAST                                                                     110

(Bread topped with spicy cheese filling)


ARAMBHA MASALA SANDWICH                                                   175

(Served with masala fries)





                                                                        All above rates are subjected to

                                                                       13% vat and 10 % service charge










CHICKEN SIZZLER/ VEG                                                                   380/300

(Boneless chicken, green veg, grill potato, brown sauce,


GRILLED CHICKEN AMERICAN                                                       330

(Supreme of chicken with mushroom sauce

Served with seasonal veg and fries)


BREADED FISH AND CHIPS                                                                        350

(Crumbed fried fish served with dips and fries)


GRILLED FISH MEUNIERE                                                               370

(Grilled fish served with lemon butter capers sauce and

Seasonal sauted veg and parsley potato)





                                                                        All above rates are subjected to

                                                                       13% vat and 10 % service charge






                                      Nepali appetizer



PEANUT SADHEKO                                                                               130

ALOO JEERA                                                                                          150

FRIED CASHEW NUT                                                                            200

ALOO SADHEKO                                                                                   150



CHICKEN CHOILA                                                                                 275

CHICKEN SUKUTI SADHEKO                                                                250

LEKALI CHICKEN                                                                                   300

TAWA CHICKEN                                                                                    310

BBQ CHICKEN                                                                                       330

CHICKEN TASS                                                                                      375

MUTTON TASS                                                                                     430





All above rates are subjected to

                                                        13% vat and 10 % service charge















NASI GORENG                                                                                  300

(Traditional Indonesian chicken fried rice, soya sauce, chilli,

Shrimp paste, fried egg, peanut sauce, sweet & sour pickle,

Prawn cracker, chicken satay)


THAI GREEN CURRY – (CHICKEN/ VEGETARIAN)                           290/240

(Classic Thai curry, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, coriander

root, lemon grass, coconut milk)


CHICKEN IN BLACK BEAN SAUCE                                                   270

(Boneless chicken, mix peppers, dark soya sauce,

chilli paste, fermented black beans)




(Pok choy, asparagus, broccoli, Chinese cabbage,

carrot, zucchini, cauliflower, soya sauce)



(Stir fried rice, garlic, chili paste)


HAKKA NODDLES – CHICKEN / VEGETARIAN                                160/120

(Noodles, cabbage, carrots onion, bell pepper,

soya sauce, vegetables spring onion, light soya)



All above rates are subjected to

                                                        13% vat and 10 % service charge